Our Carbon Destroying Partners

Meet the clever humans removing the carbon to make your Gram cool...

Nordgau Carbon

▲ SE Germany

What: Biochar — storing carbon from bio-waste.

Why it’s cool: They collect waste wood chips from the local forestry industry that would otherwise rot and release the carbon they store. With this they produce biochar (a coal-like formation) for mixing with manure or compost for use as a soil improvement medium, that is sold to local farmers to use instead of fertiliser.


Are Treindustrier

▲ Norway

What: Storing carbon in usable products.

Why it’s cool: Produces wooden building elements from sustainably managed local forests. So the CO2 sequestered by the tree is stored for years beyond the life cycle of the actual tree, creating a CO2 removal beyond the peak of global emissions. Their process is highly efficient, ensuring the removal of 532kg CO2 per m3 of timber product. For each tree that is harvested, two are planted, resulting in Norwegian and Swedish forests growing by around 25-30 million cubic meters of wood each year.




What: Refrigerant chemical management.

Why it’s cool: Refrigerators and air conditioners contains harmful greenhouse gases up to 10,900 times more potent than carbon dioxide alone. Many of these refrigerants have been banned from production globally. However, there was never a plan to responsibly collect and destroy them at end of life. If left, these harmful gases leak into our atmosphere and cause irreversible damage.