What does Cool Gram do?

We make any Instagram or Twitter account carbon negative by removing more carbon than it takes to operate it.

How much carbon does my Instagram use?

It all depends on how much you use it. The average carbon impact of Instagram is 0.664 gEqCO2 (gram equivalent of CO2) per minute. There’s 1,440 minutes in a day, so if you used it 24h per day = 956.16 gEqCO2.

How is my account carbon negative?

In short, we remove more carbon than it takes to run your Instagram. We remove 1.15kg of carbon per subscriber, per day.
  • We calculate take the average impact per minute: 0.664 gEqCO2;
  • Multiply it by all the minutes in the day: 0.664 x 1,440 = 956.16 gEqCO2; and
  • Add a 20% buffer just in case some of you find more minutes in the day.
The less you use it, the cooler it becomes (just in case you were wanting an excuse to reduce your scrolling).

How can I destroy even more carbon?

So you want to do more, huh?! Each month we’ll be dropping a series of Cool Art, post one and tag us and the artist, and we’ll remove another KG of carbon. Double cool.

How do I access the Cool Art?

Once you've successfully purchased your Cool Gram subscription, you'll receive a snazzy-looking email. That email contains the password to the Cool Art gallery. Here's a clue, what's cooler than being cool?

How do I use the Cool Art?

We only have two rules for using Cool Gram's Cool Art:
  1. Tag Cool Gram (@coolpoints.club) and the artist; and
  2. Use the hashtag #🆒gram


How much does Cool Gram cost?

A Cool Gram subscription costs from US$6 per month. You can purchase a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. Once your purchase is complete, we get cracking destroying carbon for you — and you can get cracking on some guilt-free scrolling.

Where is my money actually going?

  • 55% to permanently remove carbon, and help scale the coolest emerging technologies in carbon removal for massive long-term.
  • 25% to taxes like GST and payment fees (the boring, but necessary, stuff).
  • 20% to Cool Points Club (CPC), Cool Gram marketing and operations, and to help CPC build more creative ways to cool the planet.

Will I be paying for this service forever?

We genuinely hope not! The master plan is to build out a massive following, remove a sh*t ton of carbon, and then get Instagram to make their entire platform cool — paid for by the ad revenue you make them.

Why do I need to add to my bio or feed?

You don’t need to, but you should tell your followers how cool you are — it’s only fair they know. Plus if you do, this will catch on and we will remove more carbon (and we can get to that master plan above)!

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! You can do that yourself via the 'My Account' section of our Cool Gram website (or email us and we'll do it for you).

Can I get a refund?

Once the carbon is removed its gone, so we can’t take it back (and we wouldn’t want to). So in theory there aren’t any refunds, but if you’re unhappy just hit us up at team@coolpoints.club – we’re sure we can work it out! You can also check out our T&Cs for more info (link in the footer).


What does ‘carbon removal’ mean?

It means removing carbon that is already out there, ideally as permanently as possible.

How do I know when the carbon is removed?

We will remove the required carbon at the end of each month. So as you pay, you can consider it done for the month ahead.

Tell me more!

Get a cuppa cos there's no quick way to step you through this...
If we want to make the next century worth reaching we have to do two things:
  1. Stop pumping carbon into the air; and
  2. Get rid of the excess carbon already there.
Strategies to tackle #1 — reduce emissions (carbon avoidance) — are what most of us are familiar with, AKA carbon footprints, switching to renewable energy, changing your diet, recycling, electric vehicles, and preventing deforestation. These are important, but alone they will not be enough. The science tells us we must also remove the excess CO2 already in the atmosphere (carbon removal).
'Carbon removal' is activities that pull carbon out of the atmosphere that are already there; essentially, dealing with the damage we’ve already done. The most common form of this is planting a tree. Trees are great, but you should also know that unfortunately trees alone won't get us out of this mess... Trees take about 7 years to mature and start removing carbon, then on average die at around 20 years (by forestry, fires, drought, storms, etc which are all getting worse), at which point the carbon that a tree stores is all released back into the atmosphere, and we’re back to square one. So the problem with trees alone is, we don't have 7 years to wait and we can't afford to work only on solutions that run the risk of reversing their good work so easily!
This risk of reversing the good is called 'permanence' — the measure of how permanent the carbon removal is. It's one way to measure the quality of the carbon removal. Trees are estimated at around 20 years of permanence.
The good news is that clever humans have invented other more permanent and readily available technologies, but these are largely underdeveloped and under-utilised because they’re underfunded.
Cool Points Club exists to fund this critical carbon removal and scale it for huge impact. All the removal projects we work with have a minimum of 50 years permanence — two of our Cool Gram solutions are permanent for 1000+ years, so unlike planting a tree this carbon can't come back or be 'undone'.


What is Cool Points Club (CPC)?

CPC is the (self-appointed) coolest brand in climate action.
We aim to completely re-imagine what it is to be active and ultimately take climate action mainstream. Not enough is being done to solve the climate crisis, but when no one is out there making it fun or engaging to act, and the only options are difficult and inconvenient changes to our lives, pushed out via messages of doom, gloom, guilt and blame, it’s not rocket science as to why.
At CPC, we plan to change that, bringing together art, technology, and everyday activities to fund critical carbon removal.

Who is CPC?

A bunch of cool humans that decided we could do something about this and that it could be fun.

How do I get amongst?

Follow us on Instagram, sign up to the Cool Club, and subscribe to Cool Gram… all the cool kids are doing it.