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A Cool Gram subscription will make any Instagram or Twitter account carbon negative.



carbon thumprint

of everything

From stalking your ex to buying that LBD, everything we do digitally can have an impact on the environment. These simple tasks all have one thing in common: they have a carbon thumbprint. Who would've thought our screen time would impact climate change?!
Cool Gram offers something that you won’t find elsewhere: a chance to make your Instagram and Twitter accounts carbon negative. Being climate active has never been easier.

Carbon negative

social media

We make your socials carbon negative by removing more carbon than it takes to run your Instagram or Twitter (1.15kg of carbon per subscriber, per day).

1. Measure

First, we calculate the average impact per minute.

[ = 0.664 gEqCO2 ]

2. Calculate

Then we multiply it by aaaall the minutes in a day.

[ 0.664 x 1,440 = 956.16 gEqCO2 ]

3. Buffer

Lastly, we add a 20% buffer — just in case you magically find more minutes in your day.

[ 956.16 x 1.2 = 1,147 gEqCO2 ]

Obvs the less you use it the cooler it becomes (just in case you were wanting an excuse to cut down!).


Officially Cool*

Officially Cool*

Officially Cool*

Officially Cool*

Officially Cool*


The cost

of cool

Whether this is your first foray into climate action or not, Cool Gram is a simple (and super cool) way for you to be climate-friendly.


Carbon negative Instagram usage, Cool Club membership, Cool art.



Carbon negative Twitter usage, Cool Club membership, Cool art.


Instagram + Twitter

Carbon negative Instagram and Twitter usage, Cool Club membership, Cool art.


Cool Club Membership

Subscribing automatically gets you into the Cool Club.

Free to Cancel Anytime

You’re never locked in. Cancel your coolness at anytime.

Carbon Destroyed

This carbon ain’t coming back anytime soon.

Collect Cool Art

Only Cool Gram’ers will have access to the Cool Art — COMING SOON.

Cool Gram's Cool Art